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 SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles!

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PostSubject: SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles!   SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles! EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 8:29 pm

While celebrating New Year's Eve on the pier, Sami and Rafe run into EJ and Nicole. Bickering ensues, then EJ drops the bomb that he and Nicole are remarrying.

"She's totally horrified and extremely upset," says Sweeney. "She can't stand the idea of Nicole being in her kids' lives and is bound and determined to find a way to stop it. For her, it's something she can try and prevent, though she feels frustratingly helpless in the face of this threat that EJ is holding over her head." EJ isn't the only one on her mind though. "She also hates that Nicole and Brady hook up, so it's the, 'Let me get this chick away from my brother too.'"

On the pier the next day, an opportunity presents itself when Sami sees Stefano coming her way. "She stages this fake conversation with Brady, where she tells him that he and Nicole can use her loft to hook up behind EJ's back and tries to set it up so Stefano will overhear her. When she's confronted by Stefano after, she totally tries to play it straight, that it was sincere, so he goes on his way and tells EJ the truth."

EJ makes a beeline for Sami's loft where the jig is up. "He totally calls her out on her scheme and she feels like she covered her bases pretty well, but how could she possibly know that he has this tracking device on Nicole? At that point, she didn't know that he had an ace in the hole."

While arguing about the impending nups, EJ gets a call that Johnny ran away. "Sami gets a text from Rafe at the same time, so it ends in a stalemate, and EJ beats a quick exit and Sami knows why. She knows that Johnny is with Rafe at the police department and she doesn't tell EJ where Johnny is and EJ doesn't tell Sami that Johnny has gone missing, so she gets a couple of minutes to spend with Johnny alone."

But Sami isn't giving up on trying to stop the nups. "It's not a trivial thing to her. EJ doesn't love Nicole, Nicole doesn't love EJ, and he is only marrying her to torture Sami. I don't think there's any doubt in her mind. The idea that EJ would marry Nicole after what she did to him is ludicrous."

Nicole breaks up with Brady so she can marry EJ, but the idea creeps Johnny out, and he runs away.

"Nicole is going where she feels wanted, which is with Sydney," explains Zucker. "It’s the life that she chooses. Even though Brady knows what she's doing, he doesn't really give her a reason not to [make that decision]. It's not like he says, 'Well, I'll marry and we can adopt.'"

Nicole goes to the DiMera mansion and informs EJ of the split. EJ celebrates by taking Nicole and the kids to the pier, where they can watch the New Year's Eve fireworks. In a crowd of revelers, they run into - who else? - Sami ad Rafe. Naturally, EJ tries to completely ruin Sami's New Year's with the announcement that he and Nicole are getting married.

Later, EJ gives Nicole a bracelet, but its purpose isn't decorative. He explains that it's a tracking device and warns Nicole that if she ever takes it off, he'll take Sydney away .

Then, EJ shares the news of his engagement with Stefano, who isn't thrilled. "At one time, Stefano did like Nicole," says Mascolo. "He even admired her, but Nicole tried to take Stefano's grandchild, and he can't forgive her for that."

Another DiMera who doesn't take kindly to the tidings is Johnny. "Johnny is part of EJ's family. Nicole can't imagine that there would be two kids in the room, and she'd only play with one of them," points out Zucker. "If she's home with one, she'll also be home with the other. It's hard for Nicole not to fall for both Sydney and Johnny, especially when Nicole can't have any children of her own."

But after witnessing Nicole and Stefano arguing, the little boy takes his backpack and FBI jacket and runs away to the police station. Look for Johnny's jaunt to lead Sami to take some intriguing action.

SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles! Luminous10
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SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles! Philipsteph
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PostSubject: Re: SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles!   SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles! EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 3:14 pm

So now we know the reason for the tracking bracelet, so EJ can prove to Sami that she lied about Nicole and Brady. Aha!

Poor Johnny. I hate that they are using him like this just for some plot point.

Thanks for posting!
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SOW Nicole & Ej engagement articles!
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