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 I liked the Interaction of Save...

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PostSubject: I liked the Interaction of Save...   Mon May 04, 2009 11:26 pm

I thought it was cute they are Comfortable together and have more chemistry then when she's with Ej there's nothing there No Passion, No connection except for Johnny, but nothing to prove she's in love with Him. But with Rafe she's more comfortable she's happy For a change. I know that rafe are together but My guess is they will have her with Rafe then with hopefully and finally with her real true Love Lucas Horton because I don't believe the Marriage of Chloe and Lucas will last she'll be found out by Lucas he'll Be angry with her and he'll want to go back to Sami.... So I believe this is a prelude to the Reunion of the Lumination as Bryan says
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PostSubject: Re: I liked the Interaction of Save...   Tue May 05, 2009 6:10 am

maybe this will happened...Safe is about to get married and when the preast say"speak now or forever hold your pease" then come Lucas in and say that he loves sami and dont want her to marry rafe and Lucas begging sami taking him(Lucas) back...sami will go back to Lucas without blinking...i hope this could happend...Lucas fight to win sami back....

sami and her other men have had more chemistry than ejami ever had...
even that other rapist Alan and Sami had more than ejami ever was franco and sami...

but the greatest and best was is when she is with Lucas all the way!!


Thanks BDF for the horse Icon!!
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I liked the Interaction of Save...
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