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 Some words of wisdom from Regina.....

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Some words of wisdom from Regina..... Empty
PostSubject: Some words of wisdom from Regina.....   Some words of wisdom from Regina..... EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 5:05 pm

Regina posted a really lovely speech of sorts on Second Chances. I think it's very fitting that I post it here as well, given all of the stress that we've been under due to the new writing announcement.

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The word of the day is. Relax.

Okay....I know that after years of trying to get our guy back and finally making it happen, we were JUST barely starting to enjoy Days again.

We were looking forward to interviews, spoilers and anything else that came out and trying to see what way the direction might go for our beloved Lumi.

Yesterday's news puts a bit of a damper on things around here. Our moods and optimism for the future of Days turned on a dime and we all became very pessimistic virtually in a span of a few minutes.

I get it...people are worried because of what happened in the past, but you know what....the past is the past and at times it doesn't impact the future.

Two years have passed since Bryan was let go and let's face it, Lucas hadn't really been getting any good writing for what seemed like an eternity back then. The triangle with Rapemi affected Lumi and Lucas and that wasn't even Dena, Whitesell or Tomlin's doing...

Times are different now though. As I was saying on another board, it might be a blessing in disguise that Bryan wasn't part of the reset vet returns. He was brought back on his own. His return is still fresh on the minds of viewers, it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback and the writing for both Lucas and Lumi are getting a very positive reaction from the GA. Oh and on a purely superficial note....Bryan looks good to boot. :$

Across the board Lucas was frankly the one return that the majority expected and wanted. We see new Lumi fans by the day, we see people coming back to watching the show solely for Lumi, Lucas or Bryan and they are expressing it on FB or twitter for all the world to see. We even see fans that at one point didn't like Lucas or where indifferent to him actually saying that they are enjoying him very much. Let's face it if you and I see this, TPTB have to also right? So to get rid of Bryan now would be reckless and frankly a move that the show wouldn't make if they want to increase their ratings right? It would be counter productive if you ask me. I think the most important thing to take away from what happened after Bryan's return is that it's not only us Lumis who wanted the guy back, Bryan has fans. Sure the majority are Lumi fans, but he also has fans that love Lucas and appreciate Bryan's work regardless of who he is paired with. If Days were smart they would capitalize on the true popularity of the actor and the character and right an excellent storyline for him.

Sooner or later we will hear why exactly these writers were let go. Rumors are circulating that NBC apparently stepped in because the stories they were planning were awful. I can only imagine what they might have had in store for us, so maybe all this will turn out to be a blessing in the long run. I'm not going to jump to conclusions and I'm going to just put out there what Bryan said about his relationship with Gary to give us some food for thought:

Quote :

When you left, there were rumors that you and Gary Tomlin didn’t get along that well. Was he part of the reason you were let go?

Gary and I got along great, I just think that he kind of, I don’t blame him, I think I got burnt out and wasn’t always doing my best and I think he saw the character a certain way. We always got along as people, and even when he told me I was let go, I thanked him and said I didn’t want this to be awkward, and I appreciate everything I had, I understand it was just my time to walk away from it now. He was very understanding. So we never had a personal thing, it was just business, but at the same time I felt like maybe I didn’t do as much as I could have to stay and bring the most and make the most out of it, and I did it so long I took it for granted. I kind of felt bad and I felt like I owed the show a little more than how I left. So it’s been great to have this opportunity.

So let's take Bryan's words as truth here. We have no reason not to believe them. He's truthful, humble and he basically says what happened and puts the blame on himself. I personally believe it was the writing for Lucas over time that ended up getting to Bryan, but that is just MY take, but I'm not there, so who am I to say anything.

According to Bry, he and Gary got along great and it was never personal between them. Bryan has been very open and honest about how he took some of what Days offered him for granted and obviously as in any business, that can really affect your relationship with your superiors the majority of the time. But him owning up to his mistakes can work in his benefit now.

At the very least I'm going to give these writers the benefit of the doubt now, but I'm definitely not going to stop watching Days because one of the main reasons I'm watching is still appearing regularly on my screen and even if something airs that might turn my stomach (i.e. Rapemi crap), I can always look forward to the future because we know in about 3 months the direction change will take effect. It will only be if and that's a big if, they ever get rid of Bryan for me to turn my back on Days now. I support Bryan above anyone else on the show now and frankly I wouldn't dream of not watching if he's on.

We aren't getting anything from saying Bryan and Gary didn't get along...were we in the room? Did we experience what occurred? NOPE...I'll take Bryan's word that it was business and not personal, until I'm proven wrong, why go nuts over it? People do change, people do realize that mistakes were made...maybe this time that will happen...who knows....and things change on a soap....remember when we heard the news that Dena was back in 2008? Boy were we happy...she wrote for Lumi, she gave us cut throat, she bought Bry back in 2002 and she gave us the beginning of Lumi's love story.....right? Do we still think she's amazing? Not after her second stint at Days right? See what I mean....the same can be said in reverse too...someone that actually hated something then, can see it as something different let's see what happens shall we....

So....let's just take our guy's advice...remember that tweet in January?

Quote :
The word of the day is. Relax.
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Some words of wisdom from Regina.....
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