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 Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?

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Chelsea Fallon
Chelsea Fallon

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PostSubject: Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:40 pm

Okay, I like Horton Square. I think its a gorgeous set. I think that it's great that they're having events there to unite people and bring them together, but does EVERYTHING have to happen there?

Halloween party makes sense, Christmas tree lighting makes sense, the election makes sense, but the other things....not so much.

Abby's award ceremony (early December) should have taken place indoors somewhere. It looked ridiculous that she was getting all dressed up to accept her journalism award when she was just going to be covered up with a coat.

The fashion editors dinner from tomorrow's episode should have taken place in a banquet hall or something. It just seems so weird that a multi-million dollar corporation like Titan would sponsor their event in the middle of the town square.

And thanks to the addition of Horton Square, we no longer get a cozy, intimate, fancy restaurant (and I don't mean Brady Pub, I mean like the Penthouse Grille and Chez Rogue) for romantic dinners to take place in. Instead they all take at that outdoor restaurant. It makes sense during the spring and the summer, but seriously, who wants to eat dinner outside in the middle of winter? And that fire pit's not fooling anybody, it can't provide that much warmth, lol.
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exclusive lumi fan

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PostSubject: Re: Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?   Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:17 pm

while I agree we still need our fashionable restaurants, the Horton Town Square is a sign of changing times. We have a similar set up in town where I live,. People love to eat out side to fire light. We have several restaurants with fire lit inside huge lanterns, ist a pretty cool effect and pretty popular down here. Wonder if its cheaper to film in the town square, instead of having so many places to film at..just a thought.


I don't know who made these but they are beautiful.
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exclusive lumi fan

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PostSubject: Re: Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?   Tue Mar 27, 2012 4:55 am

well i dont like the scenes/set piece or what it called, because everything really looks now they're in a studio.. there's no real weather no sun no wind no rain anymore... these scenes(the background stuff and the places NOT the people) look so boring Before everything that happened in the background looked real, and when they were outside they were outside for real.. like when everyone were at salem place they were out for real now when they go out they're not out in real like and make those scenes Sad it look more brittish soaps scenes now.. and the Horton Square is from the playground dool used to have back in the day.. (look at the scene with Lumi in the playground from 93 and from 2004 it's the same place) i miss the old background stuff.. even the offices is boring and looked more real before than it does now.. and the loft were sami stays are basic black Johns offisce from 2001, because i noticed that from the Lucas and will scene when the camera had the window in the background it was the same view as it was from when John worked at BB or from the Broe scene when Brady san the music of the night for Chloe in 2001..


Thanks BDF for the horse Icon!!
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PostSubject: Re: Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?   Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:37 pm

While I don't like everything taking place at Horton Square, I do like the place but not at the expense of Chez Rouge and the Penthouse Grille, plus I even miss the pier.

I feel the same way about the spa, where everyone exercises in the lobby. Seriously, who does that? Well, I guess it saves on a lot of sets, but it isn't exactly realistic.
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PostSubject: Re: Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?   

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Does EVERYTHING have to happen at Horton Square?
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