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 Doulie and Bope

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PostSubject: Doulie and Bope   Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:01 pm

here's a Doulie and Bope clip i uploaded and I think Julie is saying something that really fits on the show now
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Julie:Darling?Remember how it used to be?all the people we loved the most in the world come right through those frensh doors..every week.. Tom, Alice ,Robert ,uncle Bill Marie. so many of them gone..

Dough They're not gone not as long as we remember them

Julie is right so many Hortons are gone, Almost all of them...

but Doug is right too They're not gone..not as long as we all remember the Hortons they're not gone...

I remember how it used to be, everyday we saw the Horton show up on our screen but now so many of them are gone,but we'll always rememeber them,


Thanks BDF for the horse Icon!!
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sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. if they care they'll notice if they don't you know where you stand...
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Doulie and Bope
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