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 SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!!

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PostSubject: SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!!   SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!! EmptyWed Apr 20, 2011 8:58 pm

"Over the next few months, the show will be returning to more of the traditional values of romance and family and generational-oriented story,' says Executive Producer Ken Corday. "We're going to go back to where our bread and butter has always been."

Rafe2/Sami/Rafe - That story comes to the beginning of a huge conclusion. The real Rafe crawls back to the safe house - his only memory being the key - and it all starts to come back to him. There's a beautiful reunification of Sami and Rafe. Rafe2 comes across them and Sami is faced with not one, but two Rafes. They capture him and then the wonderful switcheroo begins. Of all the stories coming up in May, this is the must-see TV.

Nicole/EJ/Taylor/Brady - Nicole is always wonderful when she has the upper hand. She is the only one who knows the truth about what went on with the bait and switch, and this comes to light when EJ asks her for a divorce. EJ and Stefano have the tables truly turned on them by the end of this story and they think they're going up the river. What started as a star-crossed lovers story between EJ and Taylor is going to burn both of them. Taylor realizes that not only has EJ betrayed her, but he's completely the opposite of the man she fell in love with. Brady, meanwhile, is determined to make EJ pay for Arianna's death.

Bo/Hope - This is a period of time where the characters were not busy after finding the short-lived runaway Ciara and Theo. They will become very involved in the end of the story with the two Rafes and Sami, to the point where Bo works way outside the law.

Chloe - Innocently enough, she is lonely, this guy picks her up, everything is fine and she wakes up with this large envelope of cash. He turns out to be not only connected to Vivian, but a pimp and Chloe slowly starts to fall for him

Jennifer/Daniel/Carly - I think the pairing of Daniel and Jennifer is fresh and exciting. I find this triangle interesting, but it really becomes a quadrangle in that Carly's fall into drug addiction is the fourth part of this. It's the demon rather than the lover that gets her. And it's driven by she doesn't feel rejected by Daniel as much as she realizes that he's falling for Jennifer and she's not part of the equation.

Will/Gabi/Abigail/Chad - Will and Gabi contemplate taking their relationship to the next level. Contemplate being the operative word. He gets cold feet and doesn't follow through for reasons we'll find out much later. Kate tells Stefano that she thinks it's best to keep Abigail and Chad apart. I think they're a good group; I see the future of the show in them.

Maggie/Victor - Maggie sees Victor as a man who could be better, but she finally realizes she wants to be with him - flaws and all.

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PostSubject: Re: SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!!   SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!! EmptyThu Apr 21, 2011 11:24 am

As for the Chloe crap, throughly disgusting. Put her with Brady, and if Ken was truly going back to core values, he'd bring back Bryan Dattilo and reunite Lumi as well as bring back Drake and Dee and Matt Ashford for Jenn. Kenny boy is such a liar!

The only thing that looks remotely interesting is Bo and Hope and the fact that once again, Nicole will be holding all the trump cards with Ej. I truly hate that man!He is the SOLE reason Lumi aren't together. This show just sucks donkey balls and frankly so do Ej and his fans!

SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!! Lumi11

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SOD:May Sweeps Spoilers!!!
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