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 Spoilers for the week of 04/04/11:

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PostSubject: Spoilers for the week of 04/04/11:   Tue Mar 29, 2011 3:26 am

Episode Titles
"Finding Fay"

"Melanie's Generosity"

"The Fall"

"Moving In"

"Parent Relationships"

**UPDATED 3/25**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Nicole and Taylor find their mom in a bad state; Carly makes a promise to herself.

Dario is unimpressed by Melanie's actions; Chloe mistakenly believes Philip is seeking sole custody of Parker.

EJ and Taylor wonder if Fay's accident was their fault; Victor invites Maggie to have dinner with him in Paris.

Fay manages to mutter a couple of words to Nicole; Abigail accompanies Chad to his new home.

Nicholas refuses to forgive Carly; Bo and Hope take their relationship to the next level.

SOW Spoilers
EJ confronts Sami about Rafe's behavior.
Brady and Victor continue their strife.
Bo and Hope are reunited.
Jennifer and Daniel worry about Carly.

**UPDATED 3/26**

National Enquirer Spoilers
Stefano hears Abigail telling Chad that moving in was a huge mistake.
EJ explains to Taylor that Fay may actually be on to them.
Chloe comes upon Phillip having a secret meeting with the social worker.


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PostSubject: Re: Spoilers for the week of 04/04/11:   Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:03 pm

NONE of this interests me. I did however catch some scenes with Crystal Chappel this week. Carley was having an anxiety attack and CC did a fab job portraying it. She is finally having to deal with everything she did in her life.

I think if Elvis were to have this kind of emotional break down, and started truly being sorry for what he has done to Sami since 12/29, including the break up of Lumi,w e might actually have a decent character. One who is still the evil villain, but knows what he's done. The facts are, I don't like how they are turning Nicole into someone who doesn't have a clue what's up between Ej and her sister. Nicole is not a dummy, she would be sniffing this out by now.

Now if folks don't like what I say, that's fine, but I don't want the usual rants that have been going on, those are ONLY for the rant section. The main boards and forums are not to be cluttered with rants and negativity. Thanks, I know ALL of us will want to help in this.


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Spoilers for the week of 04/04/11:
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