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 I may be the only one but I feel sorry for Sami.

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PostSubject: I may be the only one but I feel sorry for Sami.   Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:59 pm

I know some of you like Ejole and Ejaylor and there's nothing wrong with that but think about it guys, EJ is STILL destroying Sami's life. It doesn't matter how great Ejole is or how kind and nice EJ is being to Nicole when he's STILL torturing Sami and making her life miserable. Why is that ok?? Why is it ok for EJ to rape and torture Sami for years, make her think her baby was dead, and replace her husband with a thug who manhandles her with rough sex while EJ gets a romance with either Nicole or Taylor???? Why are fans ok with that??

And I know we all have wanted Allie to be with her dad for a while now and I'm glad that she's finally going to be living with him, but do you realize that when Sami finds out that EJ has messed with her life again by having her RAPED by some stranger who could have God knows some kind of sexually transmitted disease or something, that SHE will be the loser in this, not EJ??? Because not only will Sami be devastated and humiliated by what happened to her but she will have also had her daughter taken away from her for no good reason. Allie may have been away from Lucas but at least with Safe she wasn't in danger. But EJ and his desire to destroy Sami at all costs is what caused Allie to be in danger in the first place and leave town. Do you guys not see how SICK that is?? So my point is do you guys realize that Sami is NOT the bad person here??? I just don't understand why everyone always thinks it's ok for Sami to be punished over and over and over and over again at the hands of EJ but at the same time have no problem drooling over Ejole or Ejaylor or even EJ himself. I find that totally DISGUSTING and DISRESPECTFUL to women in general and I will NOT stand for it! I like Nicole, don't get me wrong but I do NOT support her with a man who is always out to make another woman's life miserable!! When Lumi were together, was Lucas always making Nicole's life miserable?? I don't think so. So why is it ok for EJ to destroy Sami while Ejole are together and happy?? Can someone please explain that to me??
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PostSubject: Re: I may be the only one but I feel sorry for Sami.   Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:27 pm

I have not liked the way Sami has been written for a while, but I am beginning to feel sorry for her. This Rafe 2 storyline is horrid. And, yes, EJ is very much to blame along with Stefano. Why does he get away with it? He is a villain and they are more interesting on the loose than rotting in jail, so the writers think. At this juncture, I have a hard time dealing with what Stefano and EJ are doing, and it needs to stop. This is not entertainment. Sometimes, I can get why EJ does things, but this has crossed a line.

Until EJ gets over his obsession with hurting Sami, we will have to endure this crap. I am hoping this will blow up in his face sooner, rather than later. I tend to like villains, but this is even too much for me. I do like him with Nicole, because there is another side to EJ. So far, I can still separate the two.
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I may be the only one but I feel sorry for Sami.
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