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 SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash

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PostSubject: SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash   SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 7:03 am

SOD: Car Accident for Days' Rafe

Things seem to finally be going Sami's way when EJ has papers drawn to share custody of Sydney and Johnny. "One of the lessons Sami learned from this whole ordeal is to take what she can get and be happy with the fact that she gets to be with Johnny and Sydney," explains Sweeney. "At this point, she's just going to enjoy it. And more emotionally, she's terrified of what Johnny's future is going to be and how she can help him. She definitely has a lot of question marks there, but she's just relieved to be part of the healing process."

Sami and Rafe meet up with EJ to sign the papers, Nicole arrives, and Sami learns that not only do Nicole and EJ still plan to marry, but EJ is naming Nicole as Johnny and Sydney's guardian should something happen to him. Sami goes ballistic and leaves. "She has a hard time seeing the forest for the trees. All she can see is Nicole is in her kids' lives. It doesn't matter to her that EJ is just doing it to piss her off; either way, if something were to happen, Nicole would be there. She feels completely blindsided."

At home, Rafe tries to calm her down. "Rafe tries to convince her to stop being so crazy and to relax and let NIcole be a part of of it, because either way, Sami gets to be with her kids and she doesn't have a choice about it anyway," says the actress. "But Sami cannot be rational about Nicole. She cannot forgive her."

Needing to clear her mind, an upset Sami leaves the apartment with Rafe on her tail. "Sami gets so frustrated about the set of circumstances that she just storms out. It's not about her fighting with Rafe as much as it is about her frustration with Nicole."

Sami is driving in front of her hubby when a deer crosses his path and he winds up in an accident. "She freaks out because she sees the crash behind her," shudders Sweeney. "She's heartbroken and upset and terrified that he's going to die and it's her fault. There's no way not to feel that she's responsible. She put him behind the wheel because he was following her. He cares about her, he's concerned for her, and he's not just going to let her drive off angry. She feels extremely responsible and scared for his life."

At the hospital, Ben reveals that Rafe will recover, but may have brain damage. Stefano and EJ, meanwhile, put the final touches on their plan to get Rafe out of their lives forever....

SOW: Rafe's Crash Impacts Sami and EJ's Custody Battle

After Rafe is seriously injured in a car accident this week, Sami gives EJ and Nicole the upper hand in the custody battle over Johnny and Sydney.

"Nicole is just riding along with EJ, so whatever he says, she basically does," explains Zucker. "She doesn't want to screw anything up. She has fallen for Johnny and is grateful that she's in the house with both Syd and Johnny. It's the end-all and be-all for Nicole."

The ball starts rolling when Nicole hears a mysterious noise coming from the DiMera basement and questions EJ. "Basically, there's construction going on down there," notes Zucker. At first, Nicole thinks a playroom is being built for the kids, but when EJ brushes off her questions, Nicole backs down. Zucker says that Nicole's attitude is, "I'm going to ignore it and butt out of your business." EJ slyly shifts the attention and notes that Sami is on her way over to sign the shared custody agreement.

Meanwhile, Sami and EJ (I think that was supposed to say Rafe) are thrilled that the shared custody is moving forward. They arrive at the DiMera mansion and Sami is about to sign the papers when Nicole suddenly appears. Sami is stunned that EJ still plans to marry Nicole. Even worse, he has inserted a new addendum that stipulates that if anything happens to him, Nicole will get custody of the kids. "EJ does that to Sami to basically [show] that Nicole is in their life," illuminates Zucker. "Basically, he's saying, 'Even if you try to shoot me again, Sami, you're not going to get the kids because they'll go to Nicole."

Outraged, Sami lashes out at Nicole, and the two nearly come to blows. "Nicole knows that EJ is trying to stick it to Sami. If Sami hits Nicole, rather than attack Sami, Nicole will try to protect herself. This is not a personal vendetta against Sami. It's just Nicole sort of protecting her own situation."

Sami rejects the new agreement and storm out, followed by Rafe. Later, she seeks legal counsel from Justin and learns that she doesn't have a fighting chance with EJ. Looking out for Sami's interest, Rafe tries to smooth things over with EJ, who concedes that he may have mishandled things. EJ offers to call Sami, but Rafe thinks it best to speak to Sami alone.

Unfortunately, Sami is so incenses that there's no talking her down. She tears off in her car and Rafe quickly follows, paving the way for the awful accident that follows. When a guilt-ridden Sami sees EJ and Nicole at the hospital, she has second thoughts about the custody papers...

SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash Luminous10
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PostSubject: Re: SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash   SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash EmptyThu Jan 20, 2011 8:05 pm

And so begins the saga of the two Rafes.
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SOD/SOW:Rafe's Car Crash
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