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 SOW spoilers

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PostSubject: SOW spoilers   Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:17 am

Per DR,

Stefano and EJ realize this week that they have a secret weapon to tear Sami and Rafe apart: Nicole!

"He certainly would like to have Samantha out of sight," asserts Mascolo. "If he could get them both out of town forever, he would love it, but that's not the reality of the show."

The reality is that Johnny's positive prognosis thaws EJ toward Sami. He keeps his bargain with Sami to grant her access to the children, and heaps his rage solely on Rafe's shoulders. Stefano is none too thrilled with EJ's new attitude. "He literally says to Elvis, 'For God's sake, this lady shot you in the head! What else is there to talk about?'" recounts Mascolo. "But Stefano figures it's better to have a little peace than have everybody wrecking themselves."

EJ points out to his father that Rafe wasn't part of the deal he made with Sami. He wants Rafe separated from Sami and his kids. Fortunately, he rules out murder as an option. They brainstorm and Stefano comes up with an idea that EJ enthusiastically embraces. "It isn't exactly their demise, as far as Stefano is concerned," notes Mascolo. "What Stefano wants to do is make their life as miserable as possible, because Samantha has been a thorn in his family's side forever, and especially with his son. He detests the idea that this woman has had such a hold on his son, who he felt was stronger than that. Now, here comes Rafe, who is making things difficult, too. Stefano feels he also has to be taken care of."

EJ delivers Syd to Sami and says their daughter can spend the night, and Nicole spends the night at Johnny's bedside. EJ arrives and Nicole questions him about her future with the family. His response throws Nicole for a loop. Later, EJ confides in Stefano that Nicole will play an important role in their plan. "Nicole was someone who, at one time, Stefano got to like because she was smart. She was wonderful to deal with on the level that they were dealing with her. But once she started with the kidnapping and all that stuff, Stefano got really angry with her."

But it's not just his son's ex that Stefano must contend with: Kate stumbles upon EJ and Stefano's scheming and makes it her mission to find out exactly what it is they are plotting.

Seriously WHEN will this jerk STOP trying to get back at Sami??? And what exactly is he trying to get back at her for?? Because he couldn't make her love him??? YUCK!!! And I'm sorry Stefano but it's the other way around, EJ has been a THORN in Sami's side. Sami hasn't done anything to make this monster the way he is. UGH!!! And isn't it sad and pathetic how EJ continues to use Nicole as a pawn in his neverending revenge against Sami??? Time for this idiot to DIE!!!
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PostSubject: Re: SOW spoilers   Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:05 pm

Geez, even Stefano gets it, but EJ is too weak to give up his obsession with Sami. When will this end? It has not been, nor will it ever be interesting.

I also hate the way EJ is using Nicole. Every once in a while he softens up when she is around, but in his mind she is nothing but a pawn.
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SOW spoilers
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