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 SOW Spoiler for week of Jan 17

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PostSubject: SOW Spoiler for week of Jan 17   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:42 pm

UGH!!! Read this spoiler which is AFTER EJ supposedly makes a pact with God to save Johnny's life. Remember he's supposed to be "redeemed" by Johnny's illness and all that crap right? But what does this say??

Thursday ("EJ and Stefano's Plan")
EJ and Stefano work together to destroy Rafe and Sami's marriage; Brady rejects Nicole

WTF???????? Why is EJ's obsession with Sami continuing?? Now you all know I hate Safe but if anyone is going to destroy their marriage it should NOT be EJ! I thought he was done with the revenge crap and didn't he just propose to Nicole? So WTF is this all about???? When does Taylor get here again cause if EJ is still going to be obsessed with Sami while "supposedly" falling head over heels in love with her then I am going to be PISSED OFF!! WTH happened to the "pact with God" that EJ makes promising to stop hurting Sami and the kids if Johnny is saved??? WTF happened with that because that spoiler is for next week yet this new one about destroying Safe's marriage is for the week AFTER????? WTF????? So now I'm guessing EJ will be behind Rafe's accident that happens soon. And then what? Taylor appears a week after this plotting to destroy Safe and voila! The rapist falls head over heels right??? So the nightmare is finally going to end right????? Taylor will make the rapist finally forget about Sami and trying to get revenge on her and the rapist will FINALLY leave Sami the HELL alone right????? Cause I'm losing patience here guys and I am ready to KILL THE BASTARD OFF!!!!! Don't care to see him "redeemed" if he is never going to leave Sami alone!!! I am so PISSED it's not even funny!!! WTF are these writers smoking???
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PostSubject: Re: SOW Spoiler for week of Jan 17   Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:12 pm

I mentioned in another thread that I thought that Taylor was the one to humanize EJ; I know that had been mentioned in previous spoilers, although they also mentioned Johnny. So I am looking for Taylor to play that part. She will arrive on 1/26/11.

Stefano is supposed to be turning really evil again, so I wonder if Stefano ends up being behind Rafe's accident, rather than EJ, although it sure sounds like it might be EJ. If so, that obsession needs to stop upon Taylor's arrival or I will be highly pissed as well.
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SOW Spoiler for week of Jan 17
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