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 Spoilers for the week of 01/03/10

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PostSubject: Spoilers for the week of 01/03/10   Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:37 am

SOW Spoilers
-Nicole reveals what she's lost to Stefano.
-Daniel is haunted by memories of Chloe.
-Maggie blasts Phillip.
-Jennifer tries to bond with Warden Jane.

**UPDATED 12/24**

National Enquirer Spoilers
Brady and Kate begin their plans to destroy Vivian.
Caroline begs Kayla to keep Stephanie out of town.
Nathan's shocked that Philip cheated on Melanie.
Daniel tells Chloe that she and Parker must move out.

Daily Spoilers
Monday, January 3rd
Nicole receives an ultimatum; Chloe lets Philip hold his son; Stephanie hears the news about Caroline.

Tuesday, January 4th
Jennifer tries to befriend Jane; E.J. gives Nicole a tracking bracelet; Sami runs into Brady.

Wednesday, January 5th
E.J. shares some news with Johnny; Nicole tries to set Chloe straight; Jennifer and Ben go on a date.

Thursday, January 6th
Johnny runs away and finds Rafe; Stephanie is confronted; Kate and Brady's plan is put into motion.

Friday, January 7th
Nathan comforts Melanie; an old friend helps Hope and Bo; Vivian makes a vow.

**UPDATED 12/27**

SoapNet Spoilers
This week on Days, Brady and Kate are through playing around with Vivian. It's time to put their plan into motion and take her out of the picture. And if you think Vivian's various revenge plots have been extreme, wait 'til you see Brady and Kate throw her out of an airplane!

Meanwhile, EJ has announced his engagement to Nicole. Sami is at first enraged that Nicole is seemingly getting everything she wants. But when Sami learns about Nicole and Brady's thwarted relationship, she decides to use it to mess with EJ's mind. The warfare continues...

The aftermath of baby Parker's paternity secret coming out is still throwing lives into turmoil. This week, Daniel throws Chloe out of their home. Also, Nathan finally finds out about Philip and Chloe's affair -- does this mean he'll go running to Melanie and confirm Stephanie's fears? And in the wake of her stroke, can Caroline keep everyone from finding out that Stephanie knew about the paternity test switch? The answer to that last one is no -- someone figures out Steph's role in the cover-up.

All this, plus Bo and Hope are still on the run, and their time as fugitives just might be what they need to reconnect.


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Spoilers for the week of 01/03/10
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