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 Spoilers for the week of 12/27/10

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PostSubject: Spoilers for the week of 12/27/10   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:20 am

Episode Titles
"The Horton Christmas"

"The Confrontation"

"The Baptism"

"The Truth Comes Out"


Daily Spoilers
Monday, December 27th
The Hortons celebrate Christmas Eve with family and friends; Nicole and Brady discuss their concerns; Rafe works to give Sami a special Christmas.

Tuesday, December 28th
Sami and Nicole get in an altercation at the hospital while waiting for Allie and Sydney to be checked for retinoblastoma; Kayla arrives in town believing Parker’s paternity has been revealed; Nathan visits Melanie before leaving for Baltimore.

Wednesday, December 29th
The baptism guests overhear Kayla say Daniel is not Parker’s father; E.J. hatches a plan to keep Sami away from his children’s lives; Nathan expresses concern over Chloe’s parenting abilities.

Thursday, December 30th
Caroline has a stroke; Nicole accepts E.J.’s proposal; Vivian shares scandalous pictures with E.J.

Friday, December 31st
E.J. demonstrates his power over Nicole; Kate and Brady team up against Vivian; Chloe and Philip must face Daniel and Melanie.

**UPDATED 12/16**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Julie advises Maggie to date Victor; Nathan and Stephanie tell their family about their upcoming move.

Sami and Nicole battle over Nicole's role in Sydney's life; Kayla returns home believing Parker's paternity has been revealed.

Parker's baptism takes place; EJ proposes to Nicole.

The truth about Parker's paternity is finally revealed; Vivian gets her revenge on Nicole and Brady.

Nicole tells Brady she has made her decision; Daniel and Melanie reject Philip and Chloe's explanation.

**UPDATED 12/17**

SOW Spoilers
-Sami and Rafe establish new traditions.
-Stefano tries to reach out to Chad.
-Kate and Vivian have it out.
-Stephanie hides her guilt.
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PostSubject: Re: Spoilers for the week of 12/27/10   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:47 pm

Looking forward to Kate and Vivian having it out; should be good.

I don't like EJ demonstrating his power over Nicole, although Nicole should have known better than to fool around with Brady. Oh, Nicole, when will you ever learn?

I am so glad that the paternity will finally be revealed. This storyline has gone on way too long.
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Spoilers for the week of 12/27/10
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