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 Todays show 11-22-10

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PostSubject: Todays show 11-22-10    Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:32 pm

was amazing. The Ejole scenes were off the chain. The best part, absolutely no Eshami scenes. Chad/Stefano/Kate scenes were totally hot. I so badly want Chad to kick his older brother Ej off his high horse. Finally, the scenes I have been waiting for have come to pass. I think Chad will kick his older brother's ass into place.
I am so loving Chad! That boy has brought back the Dimera Balls!

Ej looked like he was losing his mind, I think the boy may end up in the mental hospital if he keeps this up. That would be totally just desserts for the bastard if u ask me.

Sami, where are you're brains, remind Ej how Johnny was conceived, and then go to the police with it. use u're head chickie!


I don't know who made these but they are beautiful.
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Todays show 11-22-10
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