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 Please go read Lumiforever's fan fic, Be Mine, you won't be disappointed, best

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PostSubject: Please go read Lumiforever's fan fic, Be Mine, you won't be disappointed, best    Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:55 pm

of all, its Pre Ej, its really very good, in fact, better then the show is now. So go, have a read...for those disppointed with the show, this is right up your alley!


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PostSubject: Re: Please go read Lumiforever's fan fic, Be Mine, you won't be disappointed, best    Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:28 am

Thank you very much Kim!! Im very happy you liked my fanfic Smile trying to work on the family fun day now with Lumi and will.. but some things are hard to write into detail and make it sound good Sad this is what i have write so far,but the chapter is not finish yet i just give you tis like a spoiler

"Heron City" is a fun family place here in sweden there families and friends hangout at so i took that place and played that it's a new place outside of salem tha Lumily have their family fun day)

and im sorry for the spelling mistakes and stuff,but ill fix them when im finish with this chapter..
spolier for Chapter 7

Where are we going Lucas?, sami asked while they were in the car
It’s a surprise Lucas said Will and I wanted to show you a cool new place,and this one is great for families and friends to hangout at when it’s rainy days.. and I think you’ll love this place.. and they just have opened one of these here outside of Salem.. Lucas said..
They drove thirty minutes outside of town and then they were there, a place for family fun..
What’s this place Sami asked

This my friend! Is ”Heron City” The Centre is a destination for shopping, entertainment and restaurants spread over 5 levels, they have 12 stores, the largest cinema with 18 screens, Spinners an entertainment center with 20 bowling lanes, Video Games, playgrounds and fun zone for kids, kit and food from around the world and alot more.. Lucas said.

The Lumily entered the new place and was amazed, there were alots of families and people there having fun together, people where talking and laughing and just had fun together..

Wow this is awesome Will said, he was excited, he had big eyes and wanted to do all activities.. Let’s hurry, we can’t miss all the fun Will said and dragged both his parents with him..

Yeah this is amazing Sami said and looked around at the place, great shopping, good food and alots of fun to do here she said.. This is perfect Lucas, a perfect place to do fun things on a rainy day like this..
We have to go here next time when it raining she said..

Lucas had a big smirk on his face, I told you that you would love it, so what do you wanna do first? Lucas asked.

Play the video games Will said.. and Sami and Lucas nodded and followed Will to the video games..

Oh cool they have a “dance stage” Sami said, we have to do this, these things are fun..

Will and Lucas groaned..

What? Sami said, and looked at both of them.. If you play with me I will do the same with you, I can play all the games you want to if you just dance the dance stages with me, Sami crossed her arms and tried to look sad at Lucas and Will.., These things are fun you know, I bet both of you will enjoy this.. I have done this before, Belle have one at her loft, So …. if you don’t dance with me I can always barrow Belles and then Both of you have to dance at home.. she threatened them and had a big smirk on her face.. All I have to do is to call Belle, Sami lifted up her cell phone..

Okay! Okay! Lucas and will said at the same time..
So How does this thing works Lucas asked, he really wasn’t into this.. He looked at Sami who explained how to do it..

You just stand on the stage like this, Sami step up to one of the dance stage machines.. and then you stomp your feet on these arrows on the dance floor while watch that “fella” on the screen and fallow what he/she is doing.. and that’s pretty much you have to do.. so choose a fella and let’s dance she said..

Sami took the” party girl fella” while Lucas took the “hip-hop fella”

Let the dance battle begin Sami said and started the dance machine
And the disco music started..

“Celebration good times come on”

Step right, step left, step left, two step up, one step down, step right , step left, step left. Jump the middle..

Hey mine is broken Lucas said and tired to take Sami’s dance stage instead,

Sami laughed Ha! You’re just saying that cause you’re about to lose the game Sami said and tried to push Lucas away from her dancing stage…

The machine shouted “WINNER” Sami got 650 points “LOSER” Lucas got255poings

-Stupid game, Lucas said to himself.. and step down from the dance stage, walked over to Will, hey it’s your turn buddy, Lucas said

No way I’m gonna dance like that! he said, tried to hide behind the photo machine..

Come on Will it wasn’t that bad, in fact it was really fun..Lucas said at took will back to the dance stages..

See.. I told you would love it, Sami said and smirked at Lucas and crossed her arms..


Thanks BDF for the horse Icon!!

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Please go read Lumiforever's fan fic, Be Mine, you won't be disappointed, best
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