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 SOD/SOW: Fall Preview

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PostSubject: SOD/SOW: Fall Preview   Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:01 am

In this week's SOD, Executive Producer Ken Corday gives a preview of what's coming up this fall. He expects ratings to go up because of the faster pace and because "we're giving the viewers more of what they've been asking for in the past few months."

Sami/EJ/Rafe/Arianna - After the failed wedding, EJ becomes even more distraught. He is suicidal and drunk, and he eventually passes out. Sami then comes over and shoots him in the head. Corday says "she is not a killer, but she comes unspooled. It's temporary insanity." She tells Rafe, but EJ doesn't remember anything. Arianna finds out the truth, but is hit by a car before she can tell EJ. There will be another big beat in this story in November sweeps.

Hope/Bo/Jennifer - Corday says that his happiest beat is the return of Jennifer. She will be a much needed friend and support system for Hope in the upcoming months. She will be central in getting Bo and Hope back together, and will also be the catalyst for a major Bo/Hope story that will last through the end of the year.

Vivian/Victor/Maggie/Brady/Nicole - According to Corday "There are many layers here, and it's a huge mystery." Brady will uncover Vivian's plans to entomb Maggie. He is furious over what Vivian has done with his mother's body and her memory. There is an "incredible" twist, and Brady and Nicole will bond as they keep Vivian at bay. Meanwhile, Victor and Kate discover that Vivian is being held captive.

Carly/Daniel/Chloe/Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie/Kayla - Stephanie is determined to find out who switched Chloe's paternity test. Kayla returns to confront her daughter because she knows something is making her uncomfortable. Stephanie comes clean about everything. Nathan tells Stephanie that Chloe cheated, and Melanie overhears. Chloe reluctantly admits it, but doesn't tell Melanie that it was with Philip. Daniel and Chloe prepare to get married, while Kayla tries to find out who really switched the test. Says Corday, " won't believe who it is. It's the last person you'd expect."

SOW also has a Fall Preview:

"Explosive secrets and heroines in peril are at the center of Salem Spectacular September."

Bo/Hope/Ciara - Warden Jane Smith tells another prisoner, Lee, to keep a close eye on Hope. Bo continues to worry about Hope's safety, and Ciara is having problems at school.

Sami/Rafe/Will - Sami and Will become suspects in EJ's shooting. To prove his loyalty, Rafe quits the FBI.

Melanie/Carly/Daniel/Chloe - Melanie shows up on the day of the wedding demanding answers. Carly and Melanie have it out.

Victor/Nicole/Brady - These three form an unusual alliance. Brady takes action when he discovers Vivian's plans and that she's moved his mother's remains. Gus tries to help Vivian, but is foiled by Victor.

Kate/Stefano/Chad - Kate decides that Stefano and Chad should know the truth.

Stephanie/Kayla/Adrienne/Justin - Stephanie is determined to find out who switched the paternity test. A worried Adrienne calls Kayla to get her to come to Salem. Justin and Adrienne take a tentative step toward rekindling their love


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SOD/SOW: Fall Preview
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