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 Spoilers for the week of 6/21/10

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PostSubject: Spoilers for the week of 6/21/10   Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:17 pm

Episode Titles
"Lucas Comes Home"

"The Wedding"

"Mia Leaves Town"

"Alice Dies"

"Rafe Returns"

**UPDATED 6/10**

SOW Spoilers
-Madeline surprises Chad.
-Nicole tries to distract Brady.
-Carrie apologizes to Sami.
-Kayla, Caroline, and Stephanie bond.

**UPDATED 6/12**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Kate decides not to tell Stefano about Madeline.
-Adrienne tells Kayla that Stephanie's behavior has been worrisome.
-Brady admits to Nicole that he broke up with Arianna.

**UPDATED 6/15** Spoilers
Week of June 21:

Kate decides to not tell Stefano what she has learned about Madeline.

Adrienne tells Kayla that Stephanie’s behavior has been worrisome.

Brady admits to Nicole that he broke up with Arianna.

Carrie warns Sami that she must choose between Rafe and EJ.

Kayla makes it clear she doesn’t approve of Bo and Carly’s relationship.

Thursday June 24:
Kimberly arrives at Bo’s house.

Friday June 25:
Family and friends gather to say a final farewell to Alice.

**UPDATED 6/16**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Lucas and Allie return to Salem; Chloe tells Daniel that they get need to get married immediately.

Carly wakes up from surgery and wants to stop the wedding; Chad tells his mother that he has decided to go to university in Salem.

Mia leaves Salem to study dance in New York; Carrie and Sami share a warm moment.

Kayla tells Bo she doesn't approve of his relationship with Carly; Hope and Jennifer are distraught over Alice's death.

Sami is shocked to see Rafe; Alice's loved ones bid her a final farewell.

Daily Spoilers
Monday, June 21st
Madeline asks for a meeting with Stefano; Melanie and Nathan try to ignore their feelings; Chloe wants to marry Daniel as soon as possible.

Tuesday, June 22nd
Lucas makes an accusation; Carly interrupts Chloe and Daniel's wedding; Madeline's secret shocks Kate; Stephanie, Kayla and Caroline bond.

Wednesday, June 23rd
Carly wants to talk with Daniel and Chloe privately; Mia says goodbye to Will and Sami; Carrie apologizes to Sami; Lexie makes a stunning discovery.

Thursday, June 24th
Bo is happy to see Kimberly; Hope breaks down; Bill confronts Maggie; Rafe worries about Sami.

Friday, June 25th
Rafe shows up on Sami's doorstep; Stephanie tries to comfort Nathan; Kimberly is surprised to see Shane.


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Spoilers for the week of 6/21/10
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