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 SOD: Carly learns Chloe's secret

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PostSubject: SOD: Carly learns Chloe's secret   Thu May 13, 2010 10:47 pm

Please link to DR.

The walls will start to close in on Chloe when Carly stumbles upon her secret.

First, Daniel and Chloe attend relationship counseling. Daniel tells Chloe that he shouldn’t have made her go to therapy alone. He also tells her that they are not going to keep secrets from each other ever. This has Chloe feeling even guiltier that she cheated on him with Phillip. “Chloe is kind of a victim of circumstance at this point,” reasons Nadia. “She wants it all to go away, but it’s not, especially because Chloe keeps opening her big mouth at every moment!”

Things get more complicated when Nathan pay hers a visit. “Chloe thinks that he’s there to tell her that he has to say something to Daniel, but basically, he says that Chloe needs sex therapy, “ explains Nadia. “Nathan actually brings up a good point: From his perspective, he sees that Chloe has had a theme in her relationships. She cheated on Lucas and wasn’t happy with him, and now she cheated on Daniel, so Nathan is genuinely concerned and says that maybe she needs to talk to someone about this.”

Chloe kind of blows him off and tells him she doesn’t need anything from him. She tells him she needs him to keep his mouth shut and ushers him out of the apartment. During the argument with Nathan, Carly comes to the door.

Nadia says, “Carly comes in and says, ‘Chloe I need to talk to you,’ and Chloe thinks she’s trapped and she basically blurts out, ‘I’m sorry. It was one time. I never meant for it to happen’ and Carly’s like, ‘What are you talking about? I’m here to talk to you about what Nathan was talking to you about, the sex therapy.’ And Chloe sees that she’s busted and Carly figures it out and says, ‘Oh my God, you cheated on Daniel, didn’t you?’”

Chloe reluctantly admits it’s true, but vows it won’t happen again. “She’s gotten herself into a hell of a lot because now Nathan and Carly know that she slept with somebody,” sighs Nadia. “She’s completely freaking out. Chloe feels it’s ultimately going to ruin her life and everything she’s ever wanted…..”

Hmm, let's see what might happen next. Vivian has been trying to get Chloe to kill Carly. Carly now knows Chloe's secret. Who thinks she might try to kill Carly? Rolling Eyes This show is nothing if not predictable. And what are they doing to Chloe?


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PostSubject: Re: SOD: Carly learns Chloe's secret   Fri May 14, 2010 12:58 pm

Poor Chloe, she has created a big mess for herself and she is getting in deeper and deeper. I have a feeling that Chloe will end up being pregnant.
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SOD: Carly learns Chloe's secret
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